NEW MOON - Impeturbability

Published Saturday, 01 October 2016

No tracks are found in the air,
there is no liberation apart from the Way.
There are no conditioned things that are permanent,
and yet the Buddhas remain unperturbed.

Dhammapada v. 255

We take the Buddha as our teacher because we trust in the perfection of his realization. The Buddha lived in this world as we do, with all its instability, disappointment and conflict, yet his heart remained free from distress - imperturbable. It is this fully liberated heart that most naturally expressed itself as limitless compassion. Whatever actions the Buddha performed, by way of body, speech or mind, they were aimed solely at generating benefit for living beings. And we need not fear that such trust in our Teacher will lead to the cold-hearted beliefs that see doubts as a form of disloyalty. Rather, as trust matures we discover the ability to include more of our doubts, worries and fears in a warm-hearted appreciation for receiving these Teachings..

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