NEW MOON – Impudence

Published Tuesday, 09 October 2018

Life is easy
for one who lacks shame,
who is as impudent as a crow,
who is arrogant, aggressive,
intrusive and corrupt.

Dhammapada v. 244

Even though people sometimes do applaud impudent conduct, that does not mean they genuinely admire it. It is often the case that they are allowing themselves to be entertained by it. Depending on the mood they are in, people can be entertained by all sorts of unwholesomeness: abusiveness, rudeness and arrogance. But when their mood changes they can be repulsed, in equal measure, by such conduct. When our minds are obscured with self-centredness, such qualities as empathy and compassion are easily over-shadowed. It is wise to be careful about what we allow ourselves to find entertaining.

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