NEW MOON - Positively Uncertain

Published Thursday, 10 December 2015

With an image of liberation as the goal
the wise abandon darkness and cherish light,
leave petty security behind
and seek freedom from attachment.
To pursue such release is difficult and rare,
yet the wise will seek it,
detaching themselves from obstructions,
purifying heart and mind.

Dhammapada 87-88

In this ever changing world it is understandable that we seek out security. But if we seek for this security in the wrong places, we'll end up disappointed. So long as we insist on clinging to fantasies, setting them up as facts, we create the causes for suffering. The fact, for instance of the uncertainty of all things, is something we really can't afford to ignore. Children do need some degree of protection until they have grown up, but as adults we need to let go of false security. Growing up spiritually means acknowledging when we are still holding to worn out stories, about ourselves and about the larger reality. It means that when we are tripped up by our naivety we don't rush to hide it, pretending we are more aware than we are. Rather we say thank you for the valuable teaching.

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