NEW MOON - Right Action

Published Wednesday, 28 December 2016

As a beautiful flower without fragrance
is disappointing,
so are wise words
without right action.

Dhammapada v. 51

The beliefs that we hold have a direct effect on our speech. But then, the most profound speech disappoints when not well-matched by our actions. How we actually behave toward each other really matters. We might talk about cultivating a heart of compassion, yet not make the effort to show sensitivity to those in need around us. We might profess to trust in the Buddha's wise words on letting go of resentment, yet spend years behaving unkindly. The Eightfold Path begins with Right Understanding, then quickly moves on to Right Action. We bring the beautiful fragrance of Dhamma into the world when we offer all of ourselves, whole-heartedly, into practice.

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