An Apparently Unending Ordeal

by Luang Por Munindo on November 05, 2017

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An Apparently Unending Ordeal Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 43 mins) 

Ajahn Chah, path, goal, inspiration, interest, gratitude, heart-breaking, difficulties, preparation, listening, Dhammapada 76, blessing, naievity, energy, distraction, reality, old age, sickness, death, stories, materialism, capitalism, communism, Christianity, Buddhism, confidence, trust, faith, excitement, suffering, lost, bone-breaking struggle, self-trust, impeccability, precepts, Ananda, remorse, guilt, bowing, intense retreat, forms, spirit, chanting, hurricane, chaos, disciplined attention, Bodhi tree, tedious, boredom, repetition, cancer prognosis, conquering Mara, agility, 4 right efforts, 4 foundations of mindfulness, creativity, stop meditating, listening to dhamma talks, warm-heartedness, Somdet Nyanasamvorn, kindness, cooperation, manners, patient endurance, transforming obstructions, keep walking.