Balancing Acceptance and Action

by Luang Por Munindo on December 31, 2010

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Balancing Acceptance and Action: Aruna Ratanagiri (45 mins)

(keywords) Correspondence, family, contemplation, relevance, daily-life practice, introspection, Dhammapada verse 160, attachment, security, safety, freedom, happiness, equanimity, bhikkhuni, ordination, nun, resolution, King Pasenadi, Visakha, Upali, kumarakassapa, mother, going forth, ego, meditation, crying, arahant, cruelty, practice, fondness, goal, clear seeing, letting go, building, clinging, pain, endurance, relaxation, investigation, preparation, death, aspiration, forgiveness, zeal, misunderstanding, samsara, lazy, building accident, miracle, fighting, abdication, contentment, striving, right view, obstructions, Ajahn Sumedho, wisdom, resignation, hurt, restlessness.