Encountering the Uncertain

by Luang Por Munindo (Archive) on January 07, 2018

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Encountering the Uncertain: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 50 mins) 

Precept ceremony, renunciant, joy, props, raw reality, strategic frustration, awakening, cancer, agility, subtlety, control, commitment, unobstructed awareness, non-suffering, training, wisdom, Ajahn Chah, crossed wires, Ajahn Sumedho, becoming, heat, purification, gold, catch ourselves, enlightened, over-eating, undermined, forgetting, knee surgery, anthropomorphize, remembering quicker, bowing, damp-course, Hilti drill, piano, spiritual muscle, spiritual tools, contract, expand, reading the heart, liking-craving, disliking-hatred, new year’s resolution, sugar, will-power, fully wanting.