Going for the Summit

by Luang Por Munindo on September 07, 2013

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Going for the Summit: Aruna Ratanagiri (41 mins)

(keywords) Peace, goal, happiness, suffering, concept, meditation, ideas, scriptures, identity, experience, Ben Nevis, mountain climbing, Mt Everest, liberation, dana, sila, bhavana, mindfulness, selfishness, conceit, generosity, isolation, integrity, transformation, diamonds, wisdom, compassion, heat, pressure, container, self-respect, trust, friendship, lotus, aspiration, techniques, awareness, attention, intimidation, dazzled, assessment, tradition, not-meditating, kindness, sotapanna, right view, study, mistakes, Abhidhamma, psychology, sadness, tears, passions, Zen stories, letting go, ENDS ABRUPTLY ASW BATTERIES RAN OUT.