Susceptible to Insight

by Luang Por Munindo on February 18, 2011

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Susceptible to Insight: Aruna Ratanagiri (38 min)

(keywords) Arahants, enlightenment, greed, aversion, delusion, wisdom, compassion, purity, respect, blessings, desire, consciousness, attraction, ill will, suicide, Ovada Patimokkha, evil, unwholesome, wholesome, meditation retreat, confusion, danger, integration, sense restraint, right preparation, lawyer, boxing, mindful eating, indulging, doubt, worry, repression, middle way, Rev. Kennet Roshi, Don’t Push the River, cheese cake, saying yes, wholesome potential, betrayal, rage, strength, loving kindness, protect the heart from fear, patience, compassion, resources, forgiveness, conceit.