The Morphing of the Sense of Self (Recommended)

by Luang Por Munindo (Recommended Listening) on August 17, 2021

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(keywords) (approx. 28 mins. - this talk is a slightly edited version of the original.) Retreat time, what matters most, befitting, manifesting beauty, Dhammapada verse 53, flowers, brutality, unawareness, avijja, anatta, rainbow, ‘Who am I’, dementia, actuality, timeless truth, mapping the brain, self aggrandizing, relativizing, external agent, anthropomorphic beings, timeless truth, Going For Refuge, spiritual education, global identity crisis, (Previous talk: Self Caring and Self Obsessing), spiritual capacities, Ajahn Chah, integrity, mindfulness, skilful restraint, wise refection, stroke, 1982, monkeys in the telephone exchange, Anando, Sumedho, disintegration of the sense of self, free from remorse, unshakable, purified.