The World out of Control

by Luang Por Munindo (Archive) on July 27, 2008

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The World out of Control: Aruna Ratanagiri (38 min)

(keywords) Refuge, control, body, exercise, finances, litigation, government, delusion, security, self, atta, drunk, sober, stealing, material possessions, dana, sila, renunciation, heavenly realms, dangers of sense indulgence, re-education, astrology, cultivation, not-self, disciplining attention, proliferation, rage, anxiety, sadness, sitting, trusting, mindfulness, investigation, deep listening, filed of awareness, understanding, precepts, 30 princes, saying no, relaxation, chaos, eternal hell, Zen, not-thinking, past, future, tuning a musical instrument, pain, attention, no-suffering, end of our tether, happiness, retreat.