Transmuting Suffering

by Luang Por Munindo on June 18, 2017

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Transmuting Suffering: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 34 mins) 

Moods, pleasure, pain, view, vicissitudes, cryonics, preferences, alternative, daring, Galileo, explorers, astronomy, radical, inner journey, samma ditthi, shift in perspective, becoming, realization, Ven. Sariputta, goal-oriented, source-oriented, inherent OK-ness, meditation, stillness, judgement-free, here-and-now, whole-body, suffering, high and low, trust, faith, transmutation, intolerable, dhamma/delusion, dream-life and awakening, synthesize, digested, antibiotics, super-bugs, being with suffering, Dhammapada 172.