Unobstructed Blessings

by Luang Por Munindo on February 03, 2019

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Dhammapada 194, realization, wisdom, compassion, enquiry, good fortune, happiness, Mahamangala Sutta, storehouse of goodness, ariya sacca na dassanam, purity, security, liberation, obstructions, taking sides, preferences, health, education, security, employment, contentment, job security, saving the planet, Korea, 500 years, spiritual companions, 4 Noble Truths, unobstructed awareness, discontentment, Ajahn Amaro chasing his shadow, elucidation, Dhammacakka sutta, exuberance, unawakened personality, taking sides, getting lost, Middle Way, silent, spacious, selfless just-knowing awareness, Brexit, problem solving, politicians, adversarial politics, consensus politics, collaboration, religious beliefs, self-inflation, narcissists, infatuation, identity politics, technology, benefit, inner journey.