Vectors of Transformation

by Luang Por Munindo on January 09, 2011

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Vectors of Transformation: Aruna Ratanagiri (53mins)

(keywords) Building virtues, paramita, non-abiding, forces of goodness, love, hate, ideals, tradition, ten parami, obstructions, problems, dana, generosity, Ajahn Sumedho, training, motivation, sila, integrity, morality, swearing, precepts, frame of reference, lying, intention, responsibility, right action, right thought, scientific model, boundaries, refuge, nekhamma, renunciation, music, dancing, addhitana, resolve, determination, complacent, comfort, convenience, tudong, death, happiness, vitality, exercise, NHS, punnya, wisdom, discernment, sickness, kamma, truth-discerning awareness, compulsive judging, Viriya, energy, betrayal, bitterness, mindfulness, khanti, patient endurance, flying, sacca, honesty, metta, loving-kindness, upekkha, equanimity, guilty, helping, right view, self, insight, relinquishment, perception, non-abiding.