The number of resident monks (bhikkhu), novices (sāmaṇera) and postulants (anāgārika) varies from year to year but is usually between seven and ten.

Luang Por Munindo (Abbot)

Ajahn Munindo was first accepted into the bhikkhu sangha under the Venerable Somdet Nyanasamvaro in 1974 and then later under the Venerable Ajahn Chah in 1975. He came to the UK after approximately five years in training monasteries in Thailand. After an initial period at Cittaviveka Monastery in West Sussex, he moved to Devon where he led the community in establishing the Devon Vihara. In 1991 he became senior incumbent at Aruna Ratanagiri. A book of collected talks by Luang Por Munindo, Unexpected Freedom, is available for free distribution in all popular formats at Forest Sangha Publications. Audio recordings of talks are available on the audio section of this website.

Ajahn Puñño

From North Yorkshire, UK - was accepted into the bhikkhu sangha under Venerable Ajahn Maha Amon in 1996.

Bhikkhu Thitapañño

From USA - was accepted into the bhikkhu sangha under Luang Por Pasanno, Abhayagiri Monastery, California, June 2009.

Bhikkhu Mandali

From Portugal - received upasampada under Ajahn Chandapalo at Sumedharama, Portugal, September 2016.

Samanera Jayamangalo

Originally from Italy, took pabbajja with Ajahn Munindo 22nd February 2016.

Anagarika Charlie - from UK

Anagarika Justin (kitchen manager) - from France

Anagarika Dan - from UK