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Aruna (dawn) at Aruna Ratanagiri

Picture: A recent dawn at Harnham Lake

The Full Moon day for this month falls today, 27th June; the next Full Moon will be 27 July. The July full moon is followed on the next day with the beginning of our annual 3 month Rains Retreat (Vassa). Earlier this month we were grateful when Ajahn Vimalo successfully led our first lay retreat of the year in which the resident community also joined. Ajahn Puñño visited the Scottish meditation groups last week; the Glasgow group continue to meet monthly at the Rokpa house. We were sorry to hear that our good friend Muriel Nevin passed away. Muriel fulfilled a prominent role in the Edinburgh group for many years. Last Thursday’s Puja was dedicated to her and included a talk from Luang Por Munindo. Our three pabbajja candidates have been hard at work with robe sewing to be ready for the ceremony at 1pm on Sunday, 22nd July. Last Saturday proved a fitting day for a lake work day; the next one will be on 14th July. This week the monastic community is on Silent Retreat until the morning of Sunday, 1st July. As usual, visitors are welcome to come for the day although during this time we typically don’t have guests staying. We politely encourage visitors to respect the silence.