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Drawing to a Close

(picture: Ajahn Ahimsako)

Next Monday will be the new-moon day for October; already this year's Rains Retreat is drawing to a close. From 12th - 17th October we expect to be on our final Silent Practice Week for 2015. Ajahn Ahimsako has returned to Amaravati leaving behind a gladdened group of meditation retreatants and the Harnham sangha very grateful for his visit.  We have been working on upgrading the quality of silence during silent practice periods and it looks like we are making good progress. The days are getting shorter and, in case you haven't noticed, the clocks will be going back an hour on the weekend of 24/25th October. Throughout the winter period our midday meal bell will be rung at 10.45 am with the meal served around 11 am. Again, in case you hadn't noticed, our Kathina-season Alms-giving Ceremony will take place on the Sunday 1st November. This year we have the good fortune of hosting many of the senior sangha from our monasteries around Europe as there is an Elders' Council Meeting planned for 3rd and 4th November. 

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