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Hay Making

Picture: Teatime gathering on the lake work day

The Full Moon day for this month falls today, Sunday 26th August; the next Full Moon will be Monday 24th September. Last lake work day saw a larger than usual group of friends and supporters join in with the activities. Our next lake work day is planned for Saturday 22th September and we hope once again that we might have some helpers. On 5th August Luang Por Munindo gave a much appreciated talk called ' Coping With Compassion Fatigue'. An edited version of this talk is included in his book 'Servant of Reality' which is due to go to print very soon. We had a Monastic Retreat Week from the 6th until 11th of August. Our next Monastic Retreat will be in October for two weeks from 8th to 21st. If you ever wish to check to see if we are on retreat or not details are usually available on our online calendar. Visitors are still welcome to visit during retreat time although participation in the silence is encouraged . The application forms for building a new kuti in the field next to Mangala House have been submitted and the builders have been back on site since Friday 24th; we are told they expect to remain here until the job is complete. On Monday we welcomed a group of Thai monks from Wat Buddhapadipa (London) and associated monasteries to Harnham for discussion of Buddhist practice in Western society.