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Hilltop Newsletter: Saturday 17th June, 2023

Today, Saturday 17th, is the New Moon day for the month of June 2023.
Today is also the birthday of our teacher the Late Venerable Ajahn Chah.
The next Uposatha Day will be the Full  Moon which falls on Saturday, 2nd of July, 2023.

Our Vesak Celebration this year took place on Sunday 4th June and a 'just-right' sized gathering of friends and supporters met to mark the occasion. Agreeable weather and very agreeable company.

We were delighted to have Bhikkhus Sabbajayanto and Sudhammo from Cittaviveka Monastery joined us for several days at the end of their visit to Scotland. 

On Sunday 11th June a Dhamma talk titled: Hope as a Creative Form of Vigilance was given. In it the subject of how to skillfully cultivate a positive attitude without being naive was considered.

Ajahn Kevali has rejoined us after visiting family in Germany and participating in the Temple Opening Ceremony at Santacittarama monastery in Italy. We look forward to his being here almost all of the time until Kathina on November 5th 2023.


- On Sunday 21st June is the anniversary of our monastery being established.
From 22nd June until 30th July Ajahn (Sister) Khemaka will be resident at Harnham.
Ajahn Khemaka will be leading a lay retreat 23rd until 25th June.
On 2nd July the Beginners' Meditation class will be held at Kusala House, as usual for the first Sunday of the month.
- Ajahn Nyanarato from Amaravati will be with us from 6th until 12th July. 
Ajahn Nyanarato will be leading a lay retreat from 7th until 11th July.

With good wishes,

Ajahn Munindo


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