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Hilltop Newsletter: Thursday 14th September, 2023

Today, Thursday 14th, is the New Moon day for the month of September 2023.

The next Uposatha Day will be the Full Moon, which falls on Friday, 29th September, 2023.

Current residents at the monastery are: Luang Por Munindo, Ajahn Punnyo, Ajahn Kevali, Tan Mahesako, Tan Samacitto, Tan Sucinno, Samanera Nibbuto, Samanera Ariyacitto, Samanera Attannyu, Anagarika Beat and Anagarika Craig. 

Gladly, Tan Samacitto returned from his visit home to Germany in a state of significantly improved health.

Since the last HILLTOP we were happy to have had Ajahn Ahimsako from Cittaviveka Monastery visit. Also Luang Por Sucitto (see photos above and below) and Ajahn Jutindharo. We look forward to having Ajahn Karuniko visit from 23rd to 27th September.

The rather major project of rebuilding the island on our lake continues apace. It looks likely that more work will be done on Friday 15th and Saturday 23rd September. 

On the evening of Sunday, 10th of September, a Dhamma talk titled, The Ten Supports for Refuge, was given by Ajahn Kevali. It discussed how to cultivate the ten qualities of support for protection which provide a gradual training. (AN 10.17)


- The sangha at Aruna Ratanagiri will be on Silent Retreat from 25th September until 1st October.

- Luang Por Munindo is expected to give a talk on Sunday 17th September, titled, Who Am I Without My Liking and Disliking?

- Luang Por Munindo will be on private retreat from approximately 25th September until 25th October.

- The usual first 'Sunday of the month' meditation class will take place at Kusala House on 1st October.

With good wishes.

Hbm Sangha Vassa 2023

Lp sucitto and lp munidno