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Hilltop Newsletter: Tuesday 12th December, 2023

Today, Tuesday 12th, is the New Moon day for the month of December 2023.

The next Uposatha Day will be the Full Moon, which falls on Wednesday, 27th December, 2023.

Current residents at the monastery are: Luang Por Munindo, Ajahn Punnyo, Tan Samacitto, Samanera Nibbuto, and Anagarika Craig. 

On the evening of Sunday, 10th of December, a Dhamma talk titled, 'Right Time, Right Practice', was given by Luang Por Munindo. It considered the importance of discerning which practice to apply in which situation, and not being lost in idealism. It also discusses the place of psychotherapy and the value of picking up spiritual practices carefully, respectfully, not reactively. 

On Sunday 10th December, Samanera Attannyu departed for Cittaviveka Monastery in West Sussex where he will spend the winter retreat in preparation for his upasampada next July, 2024. 


Shortly, we expect Samanera Thitapemo to arrive from Santacittarama Monastery in Italy. He will be here at Harnham for several months in preparation for his upasampada in 2024.

Ajahn Anando, who these days usually lives at Temple Monastery in New Hampshire, U.S.A., will join us from 13th until 20th December. 

The New Year's Eve midnight ritual of Forgiveness and Renewal is planned to take place as usual on 31st December, beginning with puja and a dhamma talk at 7pm. All are invited and there is no need to book in advance. 

On the morning of Monday 1st January 2024, a gathering for the meal offering will take place around 10am in the Dhamma Hall, with the traditional taking of precepts, offering of rice into the alms-bowls, and paritta chanting, beginning around 10.30am. There is also expected to be a short Dhamma talk before the shared meal. Once again, all invited and no need to let us know if you plan to participate.

Our Winter Retreat for 2024 formally starts on Sunday 7th January. This marks the beginning of a three month period during which the community members will be less available than usual. Please note that, other than on Saturday and Sunday evenings, the Dhamma Hall will not generally be heated. The sangha will continue to be available at the midday meal time. 

Anyone wishing to contact the monastery during the Winter Retreat can send an email to sangha@ratanagiri.org.uk or telephone us and leave a message on 01661 881 612. 

If you are interested in being part of the Winter Retreat Kitchen Support Team you can contact Bee Wan on, 07912 683 576

Bookings are already being accepted for the 2024 Summer Lay Retreat to be led by Ajahn Nyanarato: June 24th to 29th. 

With good wishes.

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