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Hilltop Newsletter: Tuesday 7th May, 2024

Today, Tuesday 7th, is the New Moon day for the month of May, 2024.

The next Uposatha Day is a Full Moon, and falls on Wednesday, 22nd May, 2024, Vesakha Puja.

Current residents at the monastery are: Luang Por Munindo, Ajahn Punnyo, Ajahn Mahachomgaew, Tan Samacitto, Samanera Attanyu, Samanera Thitapemo, and Anagarika Craig (away temporarily).

New Q&A content has been added to the dhammakatha.org website. For those who aren't aware of this site, it is a platform for Buddhist practitioners to submit written questions via email. Responses by Luang Por Munindo, in audio format, are all under 15 minutes. New material is usually posted each New Moon and Full Moon.

Ajahn Kevali, abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat, is with us until 16th May. Ajahn Mahachomgaew is expected to be here at least until after Kathina on 27th October. 

On Sunday 14th April Luang Por Munindo gave a talk titled, Feeling The Ache Of Longing. On Sunday 29th April Luang Por Munindo gave a talk titled  The Pain Of Perpetual Wanting. These talks address our relationship with desire and how we turn the natural pain of life into unnatural suffering. The second talk addresses in practical terms the Buddha's teachings of kama tanha, bhava tanha and vibhava tanha. That is, the various manifestations of craving and how to not just survive them, but to learn from them. 


Ajahn Chandapalo, abbot of Santacittarama in Italy, will be with us from 8th - 11th May.

Tan Mahesako will be with us from 20th to 27th May. 

The next Lake Work Day is planned for Saturday 11th May. Please see our calendar for future dates. 

From 16th until 23rd May, Luang Por Munindo, Ajahn Punnyo and Ajahn Phra Mahachomgaew will be away at Amaravati and Cittaviveka. One of the main reasons for their travelling down south is to participate in the occasion of marking Luang Por Sumedho's 90th birthday. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances at the monastery we have, regrettably, taken the decision to cancel the 2024 Summer Lay Retreat that was to be led by Ajahn Nyanarato: June 24th to 28th. Our first 'one-day' retreat this year, led by Ajahn Punnyo took place on Saturday 4th May. Future 'one-days' are expected to take place as planned. No booking is required unless you wish to stay on before or after. 

With good wishes.

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