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New Moon Newsletter_September 25th, 2022

Today, Sunday 25th, is the New Moon day for the month of September 2022. The next Uposatha Day will be the Full Moon which falls on Monday 10th October. This is also the last day of our annual Rains Retreat, Pavarana Day.

Before, during, and after my birthday on 16th September many good friends visited and sent messages. A life without friends would be painful. The mere thought of attempting this spiritual journey without friends is daunting. I am very grateful.

On Sunday 18th September I offered a reflection titled, Functional and Dysfunctional Frustration. Wherever we live, in a forest monastery in a busy city, or anywhere else, we all encounter feelings of frustration. How do we meet those feelings? Is it with resistance, saying, 'it shouldn't be this way', or with well-prepared, open-hearted awareness that has the space to receive all the intensity life is throwing at us? Obviously I advocate cultivating the second response. It does take work though, and in the beginning our efforts can look feeble. Remember, it is unwise to blindly believe in apparent reality. Actuality could be completely different. 

Tonight, Sunday 25th September I plan to offer a reflection titled, On Being Ordinary. It is intended that this talk will continue on the same theme and consider how idealistically attaching to views about life, including clinging to views about dhamma practice, doesn't help. When held rightly, views are like principles: they serve to guide us along the path. 

Presently we are planning a schedule of lay retreats for 2023. Our new Retreat Manager, Gilla, has so far secured commitments from Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Abhinando, Ajahn Punnyo and Ajahn Khemako. Dates will be announced nearer the time. 

The Rain Retreat this year will end with 2 weeks of monastic retreat - 26th September until 8th October. As usual, this means minimal (to no-) talking. You are, as always, welcome to visit, to join in the Sunday night puja and to participate in the midday meal-offering. 

There will not be a Kathina Ceremony at Harnham this year since we did not had the required 5 monks resident for the Vassa. However,various friends of the monastery are instead organizing a traditional almsgiving event (Thai: Pah Bah) to be held on Sunday 16th October. If you wish to find out more and participate in the event, please contact :

Bee Wan: gohbee1@hotmail.com - Tel: 07912 683 576

Yom Mame: mametemduang@hotmail.com - Tel: 07855 902 226

Yom Rungarun: aloonpink@gmail.com - Tel: 07943543695

Please note, the next Lake Work Day will be on Saturday 29th October. For the following month we have two days set aside - 26th and 27th November.

With good wishes,

Ajahn Munindo