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Safe and Sound

(picture: August's Lake Day Workers)

Our front porch is safe and secure again, thanks to Anagarika Giovanni's woodworking skills. The footpaths and seating areas are weeded and mown again, thanks to August's Lake Day workers. A collapsed stone wall in the Memorial Garden has been reconstructed by Anagarika Will. All going well Nick Pearce will set up scaffolding soon so he can fix the dodgy guttering and doubtful tiles on the roof of the main house. We have received several boxes of a reprint of Luang Por Sumedho's book The Four Noble Truths . We have also received several boxes of a reprint of Luang Por Munindo's A Dhammapada for Contemplation. On Monday Ajahn Abhinando departed for a few days teaching in Spain. He left very early and almost nobody had a chance to say goodbye, but Mondays are also our regular quiet days. Next week - 31st August until 6th September - will be our quiet week.