The End of Live Streaming

Today, Wednesday the 23rd of June at 7pm, will be the last of our live-streamed pujas for now. (It could happen that we recommence sometime in the future.)

As we are gradually reopening our guest accommodation, Kusala House - now accepting fully vaccinated guests for short-term stays, and having shortened the minimum stay for those with less than 2 jabs from 6 months to 4 weeks - we felt it was the right time to end our offering of 6-day-a-week live-streamed pujas. It has been our intention for some time that the technological equipment in the Dhamma Hall would only remain as long as we were under “lockdown” conditions.

We are glad that we were able to support the extended community of lay friends in their practice by offering an online presence, and the sangha is sincerely grateful for the support we received throughout these testing times.

Please note that currently the monastery remains closed to the general public. However, the vestibule to our Dhamma Hall is open daily from 7am to 7pm for those wishing to make offerings or to collect free distribution books and calendars. It is hoped that the next stage of relaxing restrictions will be to have the Dhamma Hall open from 10am until 1pm each day. You will be notified via this newsletter when this happens.

With well-wishing,
The sangha at Aruna Ratanagiri