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Vesak and Work Days

Picture: Our new Kitchen Manager, Anagarika Jason

The Full Moon day for this month falls today, Vesakha Puja , Tuesday 29th May; the next New Moon will be Tuesday 12th June. At Saturday evening's puja Luang Por offered a Dhamma reflection after chanting the Dhammacakka Sutta called Skillfully Daring. We had our public observance of Vesakha Puja last Sunday with substantial gatherings both in the morning around mealtime and in the evening with a circumambulation of the lake. We were fortunate to have Sister Khemaka join us from Amaravati and appreciated her offering the dhamma talk at the evening Puja. Earlier in the month we were fortunate when the weather turned out to be so suitable on the lake work day. It was good to see some new visitors joining in with the activities. (NOTE: The next lake work day will be 25th June). As for the building work: the stupa garden has been tidied and the painting of the scullery and larder is now completed. The project continues. Jason Tan took Anagarika precepts and is now comfortably settling in to his role as our new kitchen manager. It won’t be long before we have three new Samaneras at the monastery with anagarikas: Charlie, Justin and Dan all requesting Pabbajja (approx. 1pm, 22nd of July). Ajahn Vimalo will be with us from 6th to 18th June and leading our first lay retreat of the year, 8th to 16th June. In an attempt to comply with the new data protection laws we sent out several emails to all subscribers of the Dhammapada Reflection and News/Blog asking if they would confirm that they still wish to receive this content. If you find you are no longer receiving our regular emails, but still want to, please go to our website and re-enter your details. Alternatively, if you have any questions you can contact the monastery. 


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