FULL MOON – Vesakha Puja - The Right Amount

Published Tuesday, 13 May 2014

As a stormy wind can uproot a frail tree
so one who holds heedlessly to pleasure,
who indulges in food and is indolent,
can be uprooted by Mara

Dhammapada v. 7

How can we know the right amount of things? Our senses and society often tell us that we need more. The global economy is based on conditioning us to believe we are lacking. If our refuge is in an expanded awareness, freed from the compulsive habit of taking sides, we are in a position to contemplate the conditioning process. It is essential we recognize that we don’t have to be enslaved by our environment. The work of inner reflection can lead to a confidence independent of popular belief or cultural bias. We are allowed to experiment with not eating so much or having an opinion on everything. It’s fine to be quiet and cultivate contentment. Contentment doesn't have to mean abdication. What matters is when a storm strikes, are we blown over by it. From where do we get our strength?

With Metta,
Bhikkhu Munindo

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