Demonising Ego Is Unhelpful

by Luang Por Munindo on April 25, 2020

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(keywords) skill in listening, going for refuge, form, spirit, egotism, anatta, conflicted, security, Four Noble Truths, not-self, frequencies on the spectrum of consciousness, dimensions of awareness, fasting, natthi mi saranam aññam, middle way, knowingness, Buddho, disharmony, discordant, sabbe dhamma anatta, enquiry, intentional frustration, sugar, wood lathe, (26.30mins) selfishness, selflessness, ego, personality, self image, message, meditation, stillness, greedy impulse, demanding, limited being, deluded egoity, octopus, forces of mara, begin again, (42 mins., second question) metta, desperation, stay at home, karuna, skin cream, boil, (49 mins., third question) equanimity, upekkha, empathetic joy, mudita, key, trust, space, possibilities.