If You Think You Are Special You Are Probably the Same As Everyone Else

by Luang Por Munindo on July 22, 2023

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(keywords) (slightly edited version) Dhammapada verse 228, praise and blame, stories whirling around in our heads, hurt, talented, sensitive, self awareness, unique, genetically, kammically, deluded notion, exceptionality, one-upmanship, Abhidhamma, conceit, 9 different types, ditthi mana, the knot of deluded egoity, conundrum, sati-pannya, disciplined attention, discernment, Rangiputa Beach, Pohutakawa, vedananusati, labouring this point, conscious caring, compassion, feeling investigation, stove, 8 worldly dhammas, retreats, the open-hearted state, Wat Hin Mak Peng, conscious relationship, irrational wanting, spew out onto the world, pursuit of aliveness, numbness, addiction to distraction, electric shock, befriend ourselves.