Learning To See What We See

by Luang Por Munindo on May 30, 2020

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(keywords) Loss, abstraction, approximation, power porridge, whole body-mind, here and now, judgement free, cooperative community, false views, false thinking, Roman Catholic family, threatened, sadness, projection, fear, anger, indignation, habits, Dhammapada verse 34, hard work, Peter Higgs, Higgs Boson, commitment, confidence, (19.30 second question) monks disrobing, disappointment, grief, ruling the roost, Cambodian war, BBC, crying, free to suffer, skilful preparation, old kamma, pain ++, trigger, purification, trembling, Ajahn Chah, right preparation, flare-up, projection, remorse, slow down, vibhava tanha, tonal languages, interested in honesty.