Lost and Found 02

by Luang Por Munindo on October 17, 2020

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(keywords) Goodness as nutriment, wisdom as fruit, 4 Noble Truths, pollutions, theistic religions, prayers of intercession, supplication, affirming, acrobat simile, self-centredness, inner strength, (Second question, 17.17m) surfing the waves of samsara, agility, balance, embodied awareness, sensitivity, whole body-mind, 4 Foundations of mindfulness, extricate, discipline attention, sadness, grief,
challenges, Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Morrinsville, indignation, discontentment, compromising integrity, alcohol, weed, guilt, generated dukkha, adopted dukkha, potentize, walking meditation, Tai Chi, shaking hands, trust and gratitude.