Reactive Or Responsive

by Luang Por Munindo on May 09, 2020

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(keywords) Good fortune, going for Refuge, MO (modus operandi), just-knowing selfless awareness, self respect, conscious composure, indriyasamvara, creative enquiry, Venerable Anando, freedom from remorse, inner chaos, inner order, Dhammapada verse 157, hiri, ottappa, protectors of the world, virtuous sense of shame, recoiling from unwholesomeness, immune system, 4 right efforts, (18 mins. - 4 rights efforts) mudita, empathetic joy, anumodana, reading biographies, Albert Schweitzer, egalitarianism, Ajahn Chah, multidimensionality, infrared, ultraviolet, tolerance of diversity, conscious valuing, tradition, physical exercise, inertia, goodness, Dhammapada 58-59, dark shadows, 10 parami, cutting, seeing, burning, TV, patient endurance, biases, prejudices, LP Tiradhammo, compassion, cynical, halitosis, altruism.