Realigning Perception With Reality

by Luang Por Munindo (Archive) on July 01, 2018

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Realigning Perception With Reality: Aruna Ratanagiri, (approx. 45 mins) 

Kalyanamitta, gurus, questioning, dhammavicaya, Awakening, vulnerability, cultivation, kamma, fooled, misperceptions, retraining perceptions, right amount, indignation, aversion, TED, cognitive science, death, maranasati, Dhammapada verses 11-12, eternal hell, sunburn, addiction to distraction, self-promoting, 4 Noble Truths, lying about reality, presence, desire, dissatisfaction, mindfulness, sense restraint, wise reflection, tanha, healing a wound, leprosy, feeling investigation, skilful inhibition, not-clinging, benefit, outflows, getting the message, mirror.