Self, Not Self and Beyond

by Luang Por Munindo on December 05, 2010

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Self, Not Self and Beyond: Aruna Ratanagiri (45 mins)

(keywords) Dhammapada verse 90, habits, distress, freedom, tension, stress, bondage, inspiration, journey, self, heretic, atta, anatta, passion, Ajahn Maha Amon, training, praise, insult, mindfulness, sense-restraint, Ajahn Chah, samadhi, vipassana, not-self, spiritual bypassing, theory, practice, liberation, confidence, ideas, clinging, peace, stillness, riding a bike, competence, stages of practice, confusion, wanting, unwholesome, jhana, doubt, obstructions, insight, ideals, goal, preparation, vows, resolution, retreat, dangers, drugs, unlived life, pain, emotions, kindness, friendship, travelling, scriptures, psychotherapy, discernment, ego, 4 essential practices, mindfulness of breathing, metta, mindfulness of death, dedication of punya, commitment, loving-kindness, judging, criticism, discriminative intelligence, unitive intelligence, denial, sports industry, fashion, distraction, ignorance, family, happiness, conceit, inflation, joy, blessings.