So What Have I Learnt in 70 Years

by Luang Por Munindo on September 17, 2021

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(keywords) (approx. 32 mins. - this talk is slightly edited.) Advantages of being older, memories, living in the ‘now’, bad press, disoriented, Jesus, questioning, Prof. C. G. Jung, hope, Alan Watts, The Way of Zen, enquiring, inspiration, commune, idealism, Hamilton, naive, disillusioned, bearings, motor-bike accident, Ram Dass, ‘Be Here Now’, diet, hatha yoga, mantra yoga, macrobiotics, 1972, Byron Bay, Australia, Mullumbimby, Nimbin, meditation retreat, Woodstock, hope, faith, discipline of attention, delight, delusion, Paul Breiter, spiritual companions, Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho, Bill Hamilton, Samanera Dhammiko, humour, Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Thate, suffering, indictment, judgement, message, disappointment, signpost, bitter endurance, feeling challenged, a good wicket, overwhelm, backlog, pioneer days, holy cow, equanimity, selfless just-knowing awareness, goal, foolishness.