Trusting In Open-Hearted Awareness

by Luang Por Munindo on June 02, 2024

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(keywords) (slightly edited version) Enthusiasm, aspiration, progress, chronically obstructed, Ajahn Chah, obstructed, moods, bad kamma, accumulated denied dukkha, crying, itchy wound, scratch, right understanding, screeching birds, nirodha-sacca, ekayana, disliking, open the chest, welcome heart energy, smelly socks, six senses, six sense objects, liking and disliking, acupuncturist, affluence, sadness, frustration, rightly aligned, great renunciation, synthetic security, approximations, the dukkha of disappointment, resistance, tolerable, lemons, lack of self-worth, overwhelming, grief, addicted to your smart phone, denied desire, fear, breathing, manageable, death, receive the hurt, don’t be afraid of the hurt, trust, heart-contraction, skilful non-resistance, heedless acquiescence.