Welcoming the Unwelcome

by Luang Por Munindo on October 02, 2021

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(keywords) (approx. 32 mins. - this talk is slightly edited.) (Background noise of rain) Retreat, deepening, ocean, surface, depths, apparent reality, actuality, argy-bargy, technology, wisdom, seeing both sides, biases, partial view, dogma, affluence, cynicism, addicted to distraction, suicide, denied dukkha, living simply, bottled away, consistency of effort, happiness, prioritize wisdom, Discourse on Greatest Blessings, Dhammapada 78, faith, humility, spiritualized ego, modesty, Bhikkhuni Mahapajapati, comparing, agility, samadhi, four foundations of mindfulness, 4 iriyapada, handful of leaves, aspiration, ritual, devotion, Ven. Tan Ajahn Mahabua, bowing, chanting, puffed up, selfless wisdom and compassion, generosity.