Wholesomeness Strengthens the Heart

by Luang Por Munindo (Library) on May 08, 2021

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(keywords) (approx. 37 mins. - this talk is a slightly edited version of the original.) Kusala kamma, the goal, realization, muscle tone, gas in the tank, light, darkness of unawareness, nutriment, aspiration, rigors, making merit, puñña, positive momentum, canonical, trustworthiness, Dhammapada v 204, safe spaces, kin, Maori, whanau, impeccability, fake news, nefarious intent, friendliness, quandary, spiritual community, empathy, Ajahn Chah, brains explode, patient endurance, forbearance, bitter endurance, conscious cultivation, karaniya metta sutta, forgiveness, resentment, samadhi, disciplined attention, empathetic sorrow, skilful restraint, superficial assessment, samvara, lifetimes, ten parami, goal, cessation, wisdom and compassion, abiding in selfless, just-knowing awareness.