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(picture: Kitchen manager, Anthony Morgan)

Our new Kitchen Manager, Anthony, seems well settled into his one year commitment. Despite drizzling rain, a dedicated group of Dhamma devotees offered their time and enthusiasm on Saturday to attend to lake work. Luang Por Munindo’s Dhamma Talk on Sunday 26th April evening, was on The Advantages of Commitment. His Full Moon Dhammapada verse and comment (to be emailed out tomorrow, Saturday 2nd May) will be on the same theme. This weekend, on Sunday evening 3rd May, will be our celebration of Vesak. As is the norm for this time of year, our Trustees have compiled their Annual Report to the community of lay supporters; those of you on the mailing list should have received it in the post. It is also available on-line. Will-from-Lincolnshire has formally asked to commit to the anagarika training and offered the community a set of beautifully framed images from his pilgrimage to the holy sites in Myanmar.

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