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Full-moon Update - January 2020

Picture: Anagarika Daniel

Today, Thursday 9th, is the Full Moon day for the month of January 2020. The next Full Moon day falls on Saturday 8th February. The New Moon day last December coincided with Christmas day and was the occasion when Tan Samvaro recited the Patimokkha for the first time. It was also the occasion when Daniel, originally from Columbia, took up the Eight Precepts of the Anagarika training. On New Year's Eve there was a gathering in the Dhamma Hall for the annual Forgiveness and Aspiration Ceremony and then on New Year's Day a large number participated in the traditional January 1st midday meal offering. The brevity of this post is, partially at least, an indication that we have already entered Winter Retreat mode and will continue until 31st March. Please see our on-line calendar for any announcements. Wishing you all well-being for 2020.