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Happy Anniversary

Saturday’s lakeside work day helped keep the boardwalk clear of encroaching foliage and the waste areas tidy. Installation of our new windows is complete; we’re very happy with the workmanship. The Sri Lankan Meditation Day and Lay Practice and Study Day both ran smoothly and were appreciated by participants. Ajahn Sawaeng returned from Italy on Monday, Ajahn Punnyo commenced a 1 week leave of absence to Peanmeanach on Tuesday and Luang Por returned from his retreat on Wednesday. Ajahn Chah’s birthday was marked with reflection, gratitude and amplified effort to apply diligence and mindfulness in all the day’s activities. Four of our community members are attending hospital for various appointments over the week (fortunately, all unrelated and focused on well-being). Luang Por’s 38th ordination anniversary recurs on Saturday. Next week is a silent week, with a planned power cut on Monday morning helping to keep things simpler and quieter

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