hilltop newsletter

Hard Slog

Lay friends joined the community on Saturday in filling up concrete bags for sinking in the lake to form the foundation for the nesting island; good turnout, great weather and high spirits. Luang Por offered his reflections on ‘Practice Below The Radar’ during puja on Sunday considering the consequences of getting lost in enthusiasm. Lake work continued Wednesday and will continue again on 30 July. Many guests are visiting, keeping Kusala House Manager Calum busy. He is also filling the huge hole left when Rolf-the-kitchen-manger departed. We are still looking for a replacement manager. On the full-moon of Friday 11th July we celebrated Asalha Puja, chanting the Dhammacakka Sutta to mark the occasion of the Buddha’s first discourse. We anticipate Luang Por offering a dhamma talk on this important occasion. The community enters the Rains Retreat on Saturday with 6 monks, 3 anagarikas and 2 long-term lay guests. Saturday is also the Harnham Buddhist Monastery’s Annual General Meeting.