hilltop newsletter


Last week’s silent retreat offered the community a chance to consolidate practice. This week, we welcome back Tan Ariyo, who asked to mark completion of his Navaka training by spending his 5th vassa here. Anagarika Marchin, originally from Poland, will accompany Tan Ariyo from Amaravati to take up residence, at least for the vassa. We are also delighted to receive our very dear friend Abramina from Holland. This weekend, with Nick Pearce’s help, we plan to begin constructing the nesting island in the lake. It was meant to happen last year but unfortunately our builder encountered some complications. We are looking forward to a good size crowd of volunteers to fill the many bags of cement. We are not looking forward to the departure of our kitchen manager Rolf Henrik Schumacher, but his year is up and on Friday he will be begin his journey back to Norway. We are on the lookout for a replacement. On Sunday Luang Por is expected to offer a Dhamma reflection on Practicing Below the Radar.