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The Study/Practice Day led last Sunday by Ajahn Abhinando, was on the theme of kindness. Thanks to the kindness of many good friends last Saturday, great progress was made on the nesting island (there is still a way to go). Venerable Vinita’s talk on Sunday evening was, in part at least, on the theme of kindness. Next week Ajahn Punnyo will lead a meditation retreat at Kusala House and no doubt kindness will be mentioned at some point. Next week Paul-from-Germany departs after a two month stay at Harnham, including a significant stint as gruel-meister. Recently arrived Michael-from-Germany has already taken up the mantle. Our dear ex-Kitchen Manager friend, Rolf-of-Norway has been in touch and is doing well teaching yoga near Oslo. (we are still looking for someone to replace him in our monastery kitchen). Ajahn Sawaeng continues to give instruction on making bowl covers and Anagarika Marc is looking for someone with the skills to re-make our website which currently keeps crashing.

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