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Liking and Disliking

Picture: Cesare showing An Andrew how to cook Italian style

The Full Moon for this month falls on Sunday, 19th June. Last Sunday Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma Talk called Looking into Liking and Disliking . From Saturday 18th Luang Por plans to go away for a few days, staying at Hartridge and Chithurst Monasteries, where he will be meeting with Ajahns Jutindharo and Sucitto respectively. Ajahn Abhinando also plans to be away for a few days, walking on tudong, which means Ajahn Punnyo will be at the helm. The Kitchen Manager-in-waiting that we were looking forward to having with us, had a change of plans which means there is a vacancy notice pinned to the top of our News page . Meantime, Cesare-from-Milano has been generously sharing some of his Italian cooking skills with Anagarika Andrew (see photo). Nick Pearce has been generously sharing some of his handyman skills in repairing the roof and chimney on No.2 Cottage; hence all the scaffolding. On a related theme, Rion-our-architect from London is staying with us for most of this week getting ready for the construction of the new larder/scullery and porches. For those living locally, this Saturday 18th is a Lake Work Day with tasks suitable for everyone.