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(picture: Venerable Kai-Yin calligraphy)

We recently received a large piece of calligraphy by the Venerable Kai-Yin of Malaysia. The Chinese character represented is ‘patient endurance’, made up of the two characters of a knife (above) piercing a heart (below). On the first Sunday of the month, April 5th, Luang Por offered a Dhamma Reflection called ‘Stop’, commenting on Ajahn Chah’s teaching about going beyond the surface appearance of things, something that certainly requires lots of patient endurance. The warm sunshine and calm weather enjoyed over the Easter weekend was enhanced by the company of many friendly visitors. On Monday the local bird population received two new bird-tables; one situated in front of Luang Por’s kuti the other in front of No.2 Cottage. This Thursday our good Dhamma-friend Ajahn Candasiri visited from her hermitage in the Scottish Highlands. Saturday 11th April will be a HBM Trust meeting and we look forward to hosting our trustees.