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Reaffirmation of Communion

(picture: Amaravati Kathina)

As usual the Amaravati Kathina (last Sunday) was a large and festive event. Over 600 visitors came to reaffirm, in the traditional Theravada way, their appreciation for spiritual community. Luang Por Dumrong from NE Thailand was the senior Elder on the day. Luang Por Khemadhammo (Forest Hermitage) and Luang Por Pasanno (Abhayagiri Monastery) both offered Dhamma talks in the afternoon. Back here at Harnham we have had our friend Rion-the-London-architect staying for the weekend; there is evident progress on the plans for next year's building project. On Sunday Ajahn Abhinando offered a guided meditation. This Friday he plans to take An. Revato and An. Martin to support Ajahn Karuniko and the sangha at Chithurst for their Kathina. The Full-moon on Wednesday 25th will mark the end of this year's Robe-Offering festival season and from then on activities should significantly slow down.

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