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'tis the Season

(picture: Luang Por Pasanno)

With last week's group of guests gone we've had a brief interlude of calm. Then on Monday a noticeable ripple appeared with Tan Gambhiro arriving. Many of you will remember him from the four years he spent here at the very beginning of his monastic training. These days he lives in Portugal at Sumedharama Monastery with Ajahn Vajiro. He is to be with us for about a month. An even larger ripple appeared on Tuesday evening when Luang Por Pasanno and Ajahn Jotipalo from Abhayagiri Monastery, California, arrived with their travelling companions John and Gayle. Unfortunately their stay will be only a few days. This coming weekend Luang Por Munindo expects to travel with An. Will to the Amaravati Kathina and on the following weekend it will be Ajahn Abhinando's turn to join the Chithurst Kathina with An. Revato, Martin and Anthony. It already feels like the year is drawing to a close and Winter Retreat is around the corner. So far the retreat Support Team still has vacancies.