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Harnham springs back to life with a particularly busy week. Community members returned from the Sangha Samaggi gathering at Amaravati, absent Ajahn Sawaeng (who is spending time in Italy), but accompanied by Ajahn Achalo, Ajahn Sukhito and Tan Pavaro, all staying at least until Friday. Sunday evening’s puja was particularly well-attended, with Ajahn Abhinando offering a guided meditation on mindfulness of breath and body. We are delighted that some of our dedicated supporters from Kuala Lumpur are visiting for a few days. Specialist fitters are on site for a renewal of the windows in the main building, which are in urgent need of attention. Another set of specialists have informed us regarding pumps and pipes and our water recycling requirements. Our friends the potters at North Tyneside have finished their masterful work in creating 12 new clay alms-bowls. On Friday, Luang Por will leave for a 2 week personal retreat, and the community will continue its activities and schedule as normal.

Blog shot 3rd june  14