South-East Asian New Year Celebration 2024

This year the traditional South Asian New Year Celebration will be observed at Aruna Ratanagiri on Sunday 14th April at 10.15am in the Dhamma Hall. All welcome. 

Please download and read the PDF for details of the programme. Below you can find the celebration programme.


10:15 am Bell Ringing, Assemble in the Dhamma Hall

10:30 am Requesting 5 precepts
Paritta Chanting
Dhamma talk
Lay supporters make offerings

11:00 am Almsround (Rice Only)
Bathing the Buddha

11:30 am Formal food offerings
Chanting Anumodana

11:45 am Sangha meal

12:00 pm Shared meal for all

● To avoid traffic congestion, we recommend that you avoid approaching the monastery from Bolam Lake direction i.e. approach from A696.

● Due to the limited parking space, kindly park your car at the bottom of the hill in  the monastery lake car-park.

● Weather permitting the alms round will take place outside at 11.30am

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